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Products / Info
At Cherry Greenhouse, we carry a full line of bedding plants, perennials, vegetables, trees and shrubs.  Click here for information on the varieties of plants that we carry.
Gardener’s Calendar
Are you wondering when you should start planting? Follow this link for a general calendar to help answer your questions.
Events Calendar
Cherry Greenhouse participates in several events in the Spring.  Click here for a listing of where we will be!
Cherry Greenhouse partners with Sikkila’s Outdoor Services to be able to serve you with all of your landscaping needs.  Call Jon today at (218) 929-9642.

Cherry Location
9960 Townline Rd.
Iron, MN 55751
Phone: 218-263-9304

Chisholm Location
800 SW. 6th St.
Chisholm, MN 55719
Phone: 218-254-3404

May-June Hours: 8am – 8pm
(Weekends 9am – 6pm)

July-Aug Hours, Chisholm:
10am – 6pm

(Weekends 10am – 4pm)
July-Aug Hours, Cherry:
Various – Call before Visiting

Fall / Winter Hours: By Appointment